Data Sharing Service

    We provided a platform to extend data sharing over internet protocols more safe and enjoyable. In this platform all users around the world can share their produced files for sale or free to others. Also we gathered this service including a special property that allows you to share private files to everybody who has entered the private code in his/her account settings. We're developing this services everyday and we're going to protect your files from downloading too.
    There are two ways to buy or sell an item. First of all you can buy or sell a copy with a predefined cost. Another option you have is buy or sell the item license. In this transaction, the file copyright will be moved to new owner account and hi/she can stop showing it on the service or sell it for his/her own revenue.


    Hawasil has lots of different types of pages and services. So we've too many users as guest and pro ones who are visiting the services and pages. The smart ad service of Hawasil allows you to show anything to these visitors specially where they are searching for related information. Also these kind of ad show is useful for clients too.

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    Have you something physical to sell or you're searching for something physical to buy?? Hawasil Pasaj will become the best internet shopping center you ever have been tried! We're developing a platform for any kinds of user to deal together. We announce the products, make them available in google searches and use other techniques of digital marketing for your products!

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    There is an OTT service developing inside, that is Hawasil TV. You can stream your media in a special date and time and we try to protect your media from downloading by users. So it's a live show for your video for free or with predefined price! Also you can sell your video after live show in Hawasil TV Archive or serve for free and we try to protect it again from downloading.

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